What to do when you are overwhelmed by work

Even if you love what you do, any job can have stressful elements. Everyone who has ever held a job has, at some point, felt the pressure of work-related stress. You may experience pressure to meet a deadline or to fulfil a challenging obligation in the short term. But when work stress becomes chronic, it can be overwhelming. Work stress can also be harmful to both physical and emotional health.

There are times when you feel that your motivation is too high, and there are also some times that you feel that your motivation is too low. When you feel that your motivation is too high, you actually feel that that you are mentally scattered because there is so much you want to be doing. On the other hand when you feel that your motivation is too low, you feel that everything feels pointless or you feel hopeless about achieving anything meaningful. Either way, this is how we feel when we are overwhelmed by our work.

When your work overwhelms you, most people don’t usually think have taking some time to plan. For those people, planning is for novices and it will just waste away your precious time. But the truth is, setting aside some time to create a plan of action will make the rest of your time working much more efficient. By even just simply jotting down your plan of action, it can be a powerful move. Why? It takes all the things flying madly around your head and puts them into an actionable list. It makes you stop having to think about how you’re going to do your work, and lets you just think about doing it.

Stopping is not really wasting your time. Pausing or taking a break from work is actually a great way to refresh your mind and body. Take a walk or a nap to relax your self. Then, hydrate and clean so that you’ll feel better. You can also start with small things so that you’ll feel satisfied.

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