Is it ever too late to change your career?

Some people change careers for a number of reasons – some decide to switch from one path to another because they want to make more money, some may have discovered new interests that they would like to incorporate into their job, some would like to have more flexible hours, and the list continues.

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Switching careers

Are you planning to change careers? Before you decide, it is important to take the time to evaluate your present situation, to explore career options, to decide if your career needs making over, and to pick a career that will be more satisfying for you.

Before making the move to a new career, you first need to explore your options, assess your interests and follow these following tips in order for you to be able to choose the best new career for you:

First, you need to evaluate your current job satisfaction. You need to evaluate your daily job activities so that you’ll know what aspects of your current job that you like and dislike. While you’re doing this, there are some things you can do at your current job to help you prepare to move on when it’s time for a change.

Secondly, you need to assess your skills, values and interests. Review your past jobs or activities. Determine whether your core values and skills are addressed through your current career. To help you assess what career best suits you, you can have a look over the internet for online tools.

Once you’ve done you’re research on which careers suit your skills, passion, interests and values, the next step is to pick the best one that satisfies your needs. You may also discuss with your partner (if you have), friends, family, and networking contacts. If you’re having difficulty coming up with ideas, consider meeting with a career counsellor for professional advice.

However, do you think it’s already too late for you to switch careers? Read this article to find out the answer: