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Workplace bullying and harassment is an important topic every business owner and manager should talk about. Today, several cases of bullying and harassments in offices and workplaces are on the rise. According to research, about 75% of employees are affected by workplace bullying and harrassment.

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Workplace bullying and harassment

What is bullying? What are the forms of bullying? Generally, it is considered to be any behaviour that is unwelcome, offensive, unsolicited, or objectionable. It can be physical, psychological, or verbal and it can come in many forms.

Before, bullying and harassment were commonly associated with the playground and in work through direct physical or verbal abuse. But in today’s technology, bullying and harassment can also happen online. In other words, this type of problem has manifested in some more ways because of the advent of technology and the internet and as a business owner, you need to take specific steps to protect your employees.

As the manager or boss, you need to take charge if you want to stop bullying and harassment in your workplace. It should start by understanding what bullying is and how could it affect your employees and your business as a whole.

You should always talk to each of your employees and ask them if they experience threats to their personal standings. This means that they experience personal attacks that seem to have little to do with their job or with the workplace environment. It can involve spreading rumours about him or sharing hurtful gossip or innuendo with another co-worker.

Once you have determined that there are any who are being harassed or bullied, you need to take action. Bullies will most likely continue with their behaviour as long as they know they can do so without reprisal – this situation can be difficult if the victim is not the assertive type so they really need your help.

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